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Jo Mathers Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health

JM Soul Connections

Spiritual Health is something that I find people looking for more and more in life these days. It's not about being a hippie or a crazy woo woo person, it's about connecting to that part of yourself, that soul part of yourself that gives you hope and a sense of wellbeing that can not be explained as one concrete aspect.


It's about  learning to trust your instincts and develop a sense of awareness that raises your level of consciousness that helps you grow and evolve in a way that is aligned with your inner truth and life purpose.


Spiritual Health is a journey of sorts. A journey of self discovery in the area of spirituality that can incorporate a whole range of things that ultimately lead you to a path of self awareness, an increased level of consciousness and a higher vibration and frequency that leads you to attracting and embodying the life that you desire and deserve.

There are numerous ways to develop on your spiritual path, some include learning about crystals, energy protection, your energy system and chakras and building your intuitive skills. I can help you and meet you where you are on your journey.


One way I can help you connect back to your true essence and help you shift and change stagnant energy and help you release old patterns is by clearing and balancing your chakra system or energy field so to speak.


You see we all have an energetic body that picks up and holds onto energetic debri that no longer serves us that can be contributing to a range of things that are holding us back.


Sometimes when you're feeling blocked, stuck, overwhelmed, tired, confused, unsure, lack clarity, feel stressed and anxious, an energy healing or Reiki session can be a great way to shift and release you from the lower vibrational energy you may have picked up or are no longer needing. 


Having an Energy Healing or Reiki Session is one way that I can help you grow and expand, helping you connect back to who you truly are and align you back to your soul's true essence. 


Energy Healing or Energy Medicine is now being looked at by neuroscientists as a great way to rebalance and realign the body, mind and spirit back to balance. Just check out Joe Dispensa to learn more about the magic and power of energy and meditation.

Jo Mathers Energy Healing
Jo Mathers Energy Healing

Who is this for?

If you have been called to check out my page and you are here reading this then an energy healing session or series could be just what you need.


My clients are generally everyday women and children who range from 6 years to 20 somethings right through to midlife and beyond. They can be those of you who are new to spirituality or those of you who are further along in your spiritual journey. 


The common thread is that I help everyday women like you and children navigate the ups and downs of life using energy healing, Reiki and intuitive guidance so that you can live a life with ease and flow.

Let's begin by what I can't do - 


As an energy healer I can't treat, cure, prevent, heal or diagnose or mitigate any health issues. However, what energy work can do is assist your energetic field in correcting itself and increase the possibility of bringing positiveness in all aspects of your life. 


When your body and energetic field is able to release non beneficial energies and emotions that contribute to any imbalance, your energetic system is then able to realign itself and you're much more likely to progress on your true path with confidence and feelings of lightness.


During an Energy Healing or Reiki session or series we begin by having a chat about what your current life situation is and what is troubling you. 


I use my intuitive guidance and knowledge about the chakra system and your energy field to guide me while I shift and transmute non beneficial and stagnant energy and realign and balance it. Sometimes I use tools to help me like a selenite sword, sound frequencies, tuning fork, flower essences, essential oils and the like.


After the session you feel totally relaxed, lighter and brighter and feel much more aligned and balanced. 

For a Series of sessions our time together is more focused and directed to a much deeper level of healing and growth. I can customise our sessions and incorporate a range of tools that may serve you best as we progress along your journey. 


During our time together I like to focus on you in a holistic way and help you create and live the life you desire.

How can we work together?




  • A 60min Energy Healing or Reiki session

How it works


  • Simply book your first appointment time and location to suit you

  • Session held online or in-person at the clinic 

  • We have a chat about what is concerning you and then I take you on a beautiful guided meditation where I clear your energy system while you lie back and receive a deep healing.

  • What you can expect to feel is lighter and brighter, calm and relaxed, centred and grounded.




  • $144 AUD

  • $88 AUD for Children 6 - 12 years




  • 3 x Fortnightly 60min Energy Healing or Reiki Sessions

How it works


  • Simply book your first appointment time and location to suit you

  • Session held online or in-person at the clinic 

  • We will have a chat about the areas you'd like to work on during the 1st session and devise a plan to support your needs

  • What you can expect to feel is lighter and brighter, calm and relaxed, centred and grounded.

  • Learn more about Energy Healing here




  • $388 AUD 

  • Payment Plan available on request

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