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Clinical Hypnotherapist
Anxiety & Trauma Therapist
Women's Health Coach

JM Soul Connections
Hello there!

Hi I'm Jo Mathers and my soul purpose in life is to help you grow, evolve and expand your awareness so that you can live your best life.


I have always been drawn to helping people and all things spiritual.


For as long as I remember I have always wanted to help people. It all started back in primary school where on my lunch breaks I would be the kid helping you up from a fall or escorting you to sickbay because you weren't feeling right. 


I was also the kid that would have an impressive crystal collection and a library of books always learning about whatever I could in other healing modalities.


This calling to help others has never really left my being and I went on to become a Division One Registered Nurse and then a Paramedic.

During my time as a nurse I most enjoyed Emergency Nursing as the unknown excited me and I was able to help others in their most critical times of need.

I did this for a while until the excitement of the unknown led me towards becoming a Paramedic in Metropolitan Melbourne.

Now I had the career of my dreams, excitement, the unknown and ability to help people at their most critical moments in their life journey. I loved it and thrived in this high pressure position.

As time went on...

I decided to become a mum and wanted to be everything I could be as a mum and shift work was just not going to cut it. I decided to go back to nursing and work in general practice where I could still help people and also have the working hours that allowed me to be the mum I was destined to be.


I enjoyed working in general practice and I was exposed to a wide range of clinical experience and able to assist people in all areas of health and wellness. 


During this period of working in general practice, I got divorced and ended up meeting the man I now call my husband. We started a life together which brought 3 more beautiful children into my life. Our family is now complete with My son Patrick and my three step children Tom, Alex and Sophie. 

So this was my life, working part time as a nurse in general practice and helping raise 4 children with all the challenges and unexpected blessings of a blended family.


It was around this time when I thought I could possibly not take on anymore that I was being guided to start my own business in helping people outside of my nursing career.

I began searching for a modality that would complement my deep spiritual interests like meditation and energy healing with the more science-based parts of me.


This is when I found Clinical Hypnotherapy.


As I was a nurse I was able to train with a group of doctors and psychologists and complete my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Focussed Psychological Strategies, Anxiety Relief and De - Trauma Techniques. This course was the perfect bridge for me as it combines the alternative healing modality and the science modality into one.

I began my business in Clinical Hypnotherapy...


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a scientifically-proven treatment that quickly creates new neural pathways in your brain, to change your limiting beliefs, negative labels and thought-patterns.


In a session you will get into a relaxed and comfortable state, where I will communicate with your unconscious mind and make suggestions relevant to your symptoms. You are fully in control and aware of everything that is going on the whole time.


It really is an amazing tool and I have started to help people on a level that has been so transformational and fulfilling and I still love it today. I went on to train further in other healing modalities, focusing on Anxiety Relief, Inner child work and Trauma. I also have certificates in Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy and Holistic Wellness Coaching. I am a member of the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists Association that provide the most up to date continued professional development and practicing criteria available in Australia.

Anxiety Relief is something I am passionate about as more and more people are suffering. Helping my clients increase their awareness and and supporting them on their journey in creating long term change is exciting.


I totally enjoy working holistically with my clients involving all aspects of themselves - the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels and together make positive lifestyle changes.


I would love to work with you on your life journey and support you through whatever transformation you are looking to achieve. If I sound like someone you would like to work with why not book in for a 20 min chat and we can discuss if I am the right fit for you.

Jo xx
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