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Energy Healing

Jo Mathers Soul Connections

Energy Work can assist people in achieving endless possibilities.  It can be used to help release underlying energetic or emotional causes of illnesses, enhance positivity, reduce fears and phobias and bring a sense of calmness, lightness and balance and so much more.

By balancing the energy field, clearing trapped emotions or old traumas, transmuting non beneficial energies, and feeling into a state of peace and tranquility in and around you, may enhance your confidence, self esteem, level of consciousness , clarity and focus, negative patterns of behaviour become manageable, and the body's organs and glands can work to their highest level possible allowing physical issues to correct themselves.

Energy Healings and Reiki Sessions have amazing benefits to it.  Some clients experience immediate results, while others will notice gradual changes over time.  As the body prioritizes what it knows to be of utmost importance, the subconscious mind allows this flow of beneficial energy to promote well being, happiness, and a sense of confidence.

An Energy Healer cannot treat, cure, prevent, heal, diagnose, or mitigate any health issues. What energy work can do is assist the body in correcting itself and increase the possibility of bringing in positiveness in all aspects of your life. When the body is able to release non beneficial energies and emotions that contribute to physical, mental, or spiritual issues, the body will experience an "aha" moment and a sense of being freed from energetic burdens.

Your body is then able to start the recovery process on its own.   The mind is the ultimate mystery and a very powerful and complex organ.  Using esoteric ideas with energy balancing techniques, we can now connect to the brain energetically and talk to the subconscious mind, assisting it to release its deepest secrets and imbalances that do not serve our highest good. The mind is able to create spontaneous remission and faith healing which is not explainable in modern medicine.  If we believe it can be done, so be it, and it will be so.

Energy work is limitless. Think about looking up into the night sky.  It is full of energy with stars, planets, and clouds.  The vision is endless as is the flow of energy.  We cannot feel the energy but we can see it in space with the beauty it shares with us on a clear night sky.  When I connect to your subconscious mind, I am able to release non beneficial energies and emotions and send balancing frequencies to you anywhere in the world, "limitless energy" just as in space.  There is no need to be on the phone or in person to have a successful session.

The goal with energy work is to transmute these non beneficial energies and free your mind and body from energetic burdens.  It is well known in medicine that our emotions can cause physiological health issues.  The past does not serve us in the present and the present will create our future.  Our words will follow our thoughts.  Sometimes it is easier said than done but it is 100% possible to re-program our mind to stay positive and to learn how to release the bad as it comes into our energy field.

If you would like an Energy Healing or Reiki Session please make a booking as it can be quite a transformational experience.

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