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Sodalite with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone for the mind. It assisted in strengthening the intellect, eliminating confusion and balancing the emotions. Sodalite energises the Throat Chakra encouraging open communication.


Labradorite with Copper Bead

This is a powerful stone for personal transformation, spirituality and intuition. It guards against negative energy and helps eliminate bad habits or thought patterns.


Carnelian with Copper Bead

This stone carries a powerful energy of stability and strength. It helps increase vitality, courage and creativity while bringing a deep sense of warmth, happiness and wellbeing.


Tigers with Copper Bead

This stone carries energies from the Earth and Sun.It is grounding and protecting and encourages self-confidence, courage and willpower.


Fluorite with Copper Bead

This stone stabilises energy and promotes mental clarity and focus. Regarded as a stone of success and achievement and encourages deep concentration allowing the flow of creative ideas.


Lapis Lazuli with Copper Bead

This stone has extremely powerful healing properties and is a powerful thought amplifier, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. Also helps to release feelings of frustration and anger.


Rose Quartz with Copper Bead

A stone for unconditional love, deep inner healing and peace. Helps to restore trust in relationships, soothe the heart in times of grief or loss and encourages self-love and acceptance.


Turquoise with Copper Bead

One of the oldest and sacred stones. Turquoise is great for strong healing vibrations and instils calm, bringing emotional stability and relief from anxiety.


Unakite with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone to help balance the emotions, stimulate compassion and empathy and encourage gratitude. Unakite also creates a connection with the divine feminine.


Clear Quartz with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone for energy and is a powerful energy amplifier. Clear Quartz is a master healer with a high vibe of positivity. Promotes personal growth and spiritual awareness.


Howlite with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone for Peace and Stability. Howlite carries a beautiful calming energy that is helpful in reducing anxiety, tension and stress.It also helps teach the importance of patience.


Amethyst with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone for powerful healing and cleansing.Its well known for calming the mind and enhancing spiritual awareness.


Rhodonite with Copper Bead

A wonderful stone for Compassion. This crystal is fantastic for balancing and clearing away old energy and helps reduce anxiety. Enhances unconditional love and grounding.


Black Tourmaline with Copper Bead

A stone of powerful Protection and Safety. This crystal gaurds against negative energy, radiation and environmental pollutants. It is also a fantastic grounding stone that promotes self confidence and personal power.


Crystal Healing Bracelets with Copper Bead


    For Longevity - Roll on Bracelet, do not get it wet or sleep with it on.

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