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Supplements and Wholefood Nutrition


Eating better is the key to better health, and mother nature offers us all the right ingredients. Eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes variety and plenty of fruits and vegetables isn't always easy in today's lifestyles. What if I told you there is an easier way?? What if I told you that you and your loved ones can easily get wholefood nutrition into your diet - daily easily, simply and in an affordable way?? Would you consider the possibility in taking over 11 fruits, 11 vegetables, 11 berry's and plant based omegas into your diet everyday for optimal health and nutrition? WOW right...

Mother Nature needs no hype! Plant based nutrition from fruits and veggies has been demonstrated by science to give your body the building blocks it needs to help you look and feel better  - and live a longer and healthier life.

The wholefood nutrition products and programs I can offer you are the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market today!! Call me now for more info - Jo Mathers 0439009830.

Since the first clinical research study involving these products was published in 1996, more than 20 clinical studies have been conducted by researchers at leading hospitals and universities around the world. These studies have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals focused on nutrition science, exercise physiology, cardiology, and other disciplines.

Some of the researched benefits of taking this wholefood nutrition daily include;

 - Oxidative Stress Reduction

 - Increased Bioavailability and Absorption of antioxidants and phytonutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate     and Beta-carotene

 - Increased Immune Health

 - DNA Protection

 - Cardiovascular Wellness

 - Reduction of Systemic Inflammation

Other benefits that existing clients have mentioned include - healthier skin, reduced constipation and improved gut health, more energy, increased vitality, reduced cholesterol, better frame of mind, clarity in thinking, weight control, improved sleep and the list goes on.

This wholefood nutrition program helps peoples lives individually and no claims are made that everybody will get the same benefits. However if you are looking to improve your health and wholefood nutrition this could be a great way of adding in your daily recommended fruit, vegetables, antioxidants and omegas - thus 'Bridging the Gap' in your daily nutrition requirements and eating routine.

Remember before starting anything different in your lifestyle consult your medical professional.


Stop the Madness in Choosing Your Supplements!

A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities from our diet. The intended use of dietary supplements is to ensure that a person gets enough essential nutrients for all the body's functions and processes. Provided you are taking the right supplement at the right dose, supplements can help alleviate a range of different symptoms you may be experiencing.

Supplements can help alleviate pain and the progression of some diseases and they have been proven to improve our immune system, our gastrointestinal tracts, our nervous system, reduce inflammation in our body and much more.


My Top 6 Supplements everybody should be taking include:


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