The Awakening - Three Workshop Series

These three workshops are designed to help you Release everything that no longer serves you to create space and room to Call in your true heart desires and then to Ignite and live your next best version of you.

The Unbinding - To Release and let go all things that no longer serve you. To let go and really Unbind yourself from past hurts, cords, ancestral patterns and anything that is holding you back from moving forward and living your soul led life.

The Calling - Once we have released and transmuted all that no longer serves us and we have let go and made space for the new, its time to focus on our true hearts desires and Call them in. Doing this work in a sacred supported container can amplify your results and uplift your energy frequency and vibration helping you to attract and manifest your dreams. 

Ignited - In this workshop we bring in all that we have learnt so far and together create an action plan about how to live this next best version of you and how to keep manifesting your true hearts desires into the physical. This is the daily work, the daily steps you need to take to enhance and integrate all of this transformational work, so that you can begin awakening and living the life you were born to live.