Colours - An 8 week Immersion into your Chakras

Very Soon COLOURS my new offering begins ✨

I feel so passionate about this and it’s because deep inside my heart I know this will be transformational for those special peeps who come into this sacred space πŸ’œ

I haven’t offered anything like this before even though I’ve been called to do it for a long time now πŸ’«

For some reason I just never felt it was the right timing .....

Until NOW 😍

There’s never been a better time than now to start creating space for yourselves to be in stillness ✨
To learn and expand your level of consciousness 
To come along and join in this weekly immersion of love, clarity and growth πŸ’—
To work with the shadows that sit in each Chakra and release them into the light 🌟
To feel apart of an intimate healing sanctuary and feel lighter and brighter 🌈

We discuss a different chakra each week
We connect and go on a journey together where you will Learn, Grow and Evolve

There will be:
Weekly healings and activations πŸ’«
Crystal Alchemy (I send you your very own chakra crystal kit to work with through your journey)
A private FB group to share and receive πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Each week I will give you tools and guidance to help you step into those parts of yourself that are ready to release and heal

I am guided to offer this as the time has come 
To help those who are ready to awaken and heal πŸ’œ
To enhance and lift your energy vibration and frequency 
To heal and evolve 

Is this for you???

We begin the week of June 21st  with our first Circle Gathering on the 24th of June at 745pm πŸ’—

Payment Plan Available