The world of Crystals and Energy healing has also become an important part of my life on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Harnessing the energy of the Earth, crystals bring balance, tranquility and a sense of harmony. For me they are a catalyst to living a healthier and more peaceful life. They encourage you to take a moment and make me feel more grounded and connected to nature.
I have started to create intuitively guided crystal healing bracelets and crystal healing mandalas. As well as a Energy Balancing and Protection Mist that can be used to help clear a space of negativity and to lift the vibration around you or in a room/office or space.
These are all created with love and with the intention to uplift you and your surroundings. I recommend for you to choose a piece that really resonates with you on a deep level so that these precious gems can be apart of your life, enhancing the energy around you wherever you are - whether worn as a bracelet or having a unique handmade crystal healing mandala in your place of work or home you will gain their benefits.
All my unique handmade pieces can be custom made for you or for a gift and you can even incorporate a material or item into a mandala to make it extra special. I can create a piece that incorporates your birthstone or horoscope or even create a piece in a particular colour that you connect with.