Here is an opportunity to explore all the wonderful things I have available for you. It is an absolute pleasure to offer a service that I know is my true calling. I have always been called to help, nurture, support and guide women to find that part of themselves that they may have forgotten. To remind them of their true power and awesomeness. I believe that my one on one sessions are a great way to help you stop and be consistent in committing to a positive step forward in achieving your goals and your true soul desires. 
Together we grow, evolve and transform, shedding the layers that no longer serve you in becoming the next best version of yourself. If you are interested in self development, energy healing and balancing, achieving your health and life goals then select on an individual session (Awaken the soul Within) or a package (Journey into the Divine) with me and let us begin......
In doing any internal work sometimes you need a little extra love and support and this is where Flower Essence Therapy comes in. Flower Essence Therapy has been used for millions of years by Indigenous People all over the world. It is classed as vibrational medicine because it works by interacting with your energy systems on the emotional, mental, spiritual plane. It helps you remove blocks and supports you through your journey of change. Australia has its own Bush Flower Essences and these are the ones I use to create a custom blend for you to enhance your healing and transformation.

I also offer an amazing Energy Balancing and Protection Mist that can be used anywher e and at anytime to uplift your energy vibration and help clear stagnate dull negative energy. All you need to do is shake and spray and you will be amazed at the angelic frequencies that come forth and an aroma that transports you to a loving place where you feel totally supported by the universe. This Mist was downloaded to me by source and is a more sophisticated way to clear energy and raise the vibration of a space and protect your energy field.
The Intuitively Guided Crystal Healing Mandalas is another downloaded healing item from source and is a great gift or personal piece that can be used in any space to uplift the energy. These can be used as a focus point for meditations, an art piece in your home or office and/or an energy source for your sacred area. 
I look forward to working with you and raising your awareness and energy vibration so that you can become the next best version of you and together raise the loving, healing energy vibration of the planet.

with love,

Jo Mathers